I direct Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) research group at IIIT-Delhi. The focus of my research group is on the investigation of novel interaction mechanisms to empower human-machine cooperation. Our research at HMI lab lies at the intersection of Computer Science, Design, and Psychology. HMI lab provides a unique facility for talented individuals, including computer scientists, designers, and philosophers coming from Ph.D., master as well as undergraduate levels. The collaborative spirit of these talented individuals is employed to design and evaluate novel mechanisms of human-machine interaction for a wide range of application areas such as healthcare, education, entertainment, and training.

Our research is supported by the Start Up Research Grant (SRG) by Science and Engineering Research Board, Government of India and Intramural Start-up Grant from the IIIT-Delhi. We are also supported by Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence and TCS – Centre for Design and New Media at IIIT-Delhi.

Information about selected projects are available at and selected publications are available at To access the complete list of projects and publications, please visit for projects and for publications