Best Projects: Machine Learning Course (CSE343/ECE343)

The monsoon 2020 offering of Machine Learning course has around 150 students and together we executed 45 different course projects related to the subject. The students undertook the projects on a wide range of application areas. Based on the reviews of our excellent TA team, I reviewed and I am glad to announce the 9 best projects of this offering. The shortlisting of the projects was done keeping in mind their uniqueness of the problem, organized methodology and analysis of results. After much analysis, I am glad to announce the best course projects and congratulations to all the students for their efforts and teamwork!

Accident Severity Analysis


Students: Paras Mehan, Isha Gupta, Raghav Gupta

Automated Music Playlist Generator


Students: Arka Sarkar, Pankil Kalra and Daksh Thapar

Classification of Human Posture Using Accelerometer Data


Students: Anmol Kumar, Rishabh Chauhan, and Tejas Dubhir

Finding the discriminative power of features to analyze how different parameters affect the rating of a book


Students: Vrinda Narayan, Ayush Goel, Osheen Sachdev

Fraudulent transactions predictions in bitcoin network


Students: Bhavay Aggarwal, Saad Ahmad, Prasham Narayan

ICU Admission Prediction for covid patients using clinical data


Students: Hemant Dhankar, Nitesh, Bhaskar

Multi-modal Music Emotion Recognition


Students: Khushali Verma, Dipanshu Aggarwal, Aditya Garg

Multi-modal prediction of adoptability of pets


Students: Rahul Kukreja, Anunay Yadav, and Ansh Kumar Sharma

What A Phish: Phishing website detection


Students: Himanshi Mathur, Vanshika Goel, Vibhu Agrawal